Back in La La Land!

Hello from L.A.!!!!  I’m back in L.A. and back into blogging!

I’ve been back now for almost a week and instead of boring everyone with the details of the move, which btw has been very trying.  I’m only going to tell you about the fun stuff and how great it is to be back.

I’m currently staying in a temporary furnished apartment with my 2 dogs and fiance in Santa Monica, which is also the place where we are trying to find our new home.  For those of you who have never been to SM before, you’re missing out!  The weather is perfect everyday and the people have been so nice everywhere we go.  One of the reasons why I love SM is because of how healthy the entire city is.  Everywhere I go I find juice bars, organic produces/farmers markets, salad bars, sushi restaurants, lulu lemon, and not to mention how dog friendly this whole city is!  Every store I go to they have a dog water bowl outside so no matter what, the pups are never thirsty.  SM is also one of the few cities that have hydro stations where Hydro cars can go and fill up, and yes I too just found out about cars that fill up on hydrogen instead of gas.  The city is so green that they don’t even allow groceries to be placed in plastic bags, so of course I went to Whole foods and purchased a couple re-usable grocery bags because it’s always good to be pro-environment =)

And of course I’m checking out my job options.  I definitely know I want to stay in fitness and more specifically in barre because it is still my favorite workout.  I’ve been shopping around at new fitness classes and the amount that is offered here is absolutely insane. I feel like I’ve been gone for so long, and now I’m completely out of date of the variety of classes that are offered.   Even though I definitely want to be a barre instructor I’m loving the ability to check out all these different types of classes to learn more and to be able to be a even better instructor.  The first few days I ran alongside the beach from Venice to Santa Monica because the view is simply breath taking.  Today I went to Core Power Yoga and took their sculpt class which is a combination of hot yoga (95 degrees), yoga flow, weights, resistance, and cardio class and it was the hardest class I  have ever taken in my life!  and not like any yoga class I’ve ever been too.  I think I am in decent shape and usually when I attend a new class for the first time I always do decently well, but in this class I had to sit down numerous times because my body couldn’t handle it, which of course makes me love it more and only makes me want to go back!  I was the only new student in the class and even their regular students, only 2 actually finished and completed the entire class. This studio offers a variety of classes and I got a one week free membership so I will check out the other classes and give you guys a full analysis later on.  I also found another studio that offers hot barre, which combines two of my favorite workouts…. barre and hot yoga!  Can not wait to try!

btw.. It’s November and officially weight gaining months, for me it started a couple months ago with fare-well drinks/dinners/trips/etc.  So I am on a strict low carb/high protein diet.  Hope you guys are all eating better then I am!  Remember diet is 60-80% of the work depending on your individual metabolic rate.  So working hard at the gym does not make up for eating crap in the home.

~ helen su


3 Responses to Back in La La Land!

  1. Aisyah says:

    Hi Helen! Really missing your classes. SM really sound like an awesome place to live in! Great to hear you are settling in well there :) )

  2. Stephen Chan says:

    I see you are quite fit as most people in serious yoga are. You got simple yoga exercise good for frozen shoulders?

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