Santa Monica Living

Guess who loves living in Santa Monica? =) 

I’m currently typing with a body that is sore from head to toe! I’m not exaggerating.  Let me break it down to you what I’ve been doing for my new fitness routine… or better yet.. my non routine

Nov. 5th: Running beach side

Nov. 6th: Power Core Sculpt (combination of hot yoga, weights, cardio, flow, and resistance training).

Nov. 7th: Running beach side again

Nov. 8th: Bar Methods Marina Del Rey (signed up for their introductory one month unlimited for $100)

Nov. 9th: Santa Monica Stairs (I think this is where all the beautiful workout? Every person was either a model/athlete/trainer.  If you’re single… this is the place to be. =)

(view from the Santa Monica Stairs)

Then I had the weekend off because I went to San Francisco for a wedding <3 Big Congrats again to Victoria and Kelly! Beautiful wedding, beautiful people, and they will have beautiful babies

(Picture with the beautiful bride.. no idea why we didn’t get one with the groom?  sorry kelly)

Nov. 20th: Hot8 Yoga studio (tried their hot flow class, which is completely different than my normal Bikram class)  I also signed up for a introductory one month membership for $45

Nov. 21st: TRX (this was my first TRX class and it was much more than what I had expected.  They do about 30 minutes of interval training prior to TRX.  Great Workout! )  (also signed up for 2 weeks unlimited classes for $25) (Going there again on Saturday!)

Nov. 22nd: Back to my HOT8 studio for another hot yoga flow class.  Next week I definitely want to try their Hot Barre class!

Tomorrow I will be back at Bar Methods

I know I kinda already talked about this in my previous post, but the level of fitness and health out here in Santa Monica is insane!  This is by far the healthiest city I’ve ever lived and I LOVE it!!  Yesterday for my post workout snack I had raw almond milk loaded with protein which taste delicious btw.  And right down the street from one of my current studios is a place called Tender Greens that serves great meat choices with a side salad and a grilled veggie.  I’ve eaten there 3x already!

(Grilled Tuna Steak rare w/baby spinach salad (dressing on the side always) and grilled mushrooms) (I also tossed the bread since I’m trying to drop weight)

Other than that.. we had also put in a bid for a house… we lost and didn’t get it.. wah!  We’re also car shopping for two cars at the moment because we’re on rental cars still.  Luckily I got upgraded to a Prius with GPS! woohoo!  The Dogs love it here as well.  I take them to the dog park and walks on the beach.

Everyday i have a bazillion things to do and it just takes awhile to get fully settled in, but we are getting there.  This might be wishful thinking but I would love to be settled in a new house by New Years.  Highly doubtful since most people don’t like to put their house on the market until after the holidays, so we might be stuck in this furnished one bedroom for awhile.  On another note, I will be heading to New York Dec. 5-10th!  I’m excited since I haven’t been there for 3-4 years now.  Anyone have any recommendations for food or shopping let me know?

~ helen su

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