Getting there….

Been back in L.A. for almost a month now and finally starting to get settled in.  About a week ago I finally received my cell phone, and just a few days ago we finally got our cars settled.  We’re also finalizing on a house soon, and hopefully will be in our new home in a month?

In addition to that we had a huge Thanksgiving dinner last thursday in San Diego and it was delicious!  It was my first Thanksgiving back in the U.S. in 4 years!  I shared the duties of Thanksgiving dinner this year so only had to do half the work, thank goodness.  But I have to pat myself on the back for a job well done. =)

Dinner included: Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, bacon & beer mac & cheese, garlic mashed potato, green beans, corn bread, salad, gravy, apple pie, and pumpkin pie.

Shockingly enough I did not participate in black friday sales or cyber monday this year.  I tried and went to find some deals, but nothing really caught my attention.  However, I did participate in pre/post intense gym sessions to continue with getting myself in even better shape.  Not to mention the damn Victoria Secret fashion show will be airing soon and that show never fails to make me feel bad about myself… lol  OR!!! motivates me even more to be in good shape.  This past couple weeks I’ve continued with my hot yoga classes and barre, but I’ve also tried out Runyon Canyon (which I thought was weak), a boxing class with a guy who use to train with Mayweather, boot camp (loved), and a pilates mat class (which also felt like fitness for a senior citizen).  And once again, nothing against senior citizens, it’s just that I’m not one yet and don’t wish to work out like one.

Before Thanksgiving I went to get my hair done, which is always a scary moment for me when I need to find and go to a new place.  Of course I did tons of research online before making an appointment and finally decided to go to “chop chop” in west L.A.  Chelsea colored my hair and Chase gave me a cut, they did an awesome job and will continue to go there forever!  or until I move again or they move.  I did my normal cut with tons of layers and was finally able to get an ombre, which I tried to do before in Singapore and failed since nobody knew what I was talking about.  Photos post cut/color coming up soon….

My dogs also got haircuts before Thanksgiving and unfortunately their hair cuts came out horrible!!  But I guess if I had to chose between them getting bad hair cuts or myself…. I chose them… *bad mom bad mom* Let me explain!  Only because they are so naturally more beautiful that it doesn’t matter what their hair looks like, they will always look fabulous!  And afterwards I treated them to a In & Out burger! (did you know you can go there and order a dog patty?  It’s only 70 cents and they cook it without salt)

They love L.A.!!  If nothing else because they get In & Out!!!

Today I went to get my Costco membership.  Costco is one of many things I love about the states!  I can seriously stay there all day and just look at stuff and eat all my meals.  The place has everything!! Today I bought two movie tickets for 33% off, $100 worth of gift certificates for the Daily Grill for only $80, and a whole roast chicken and quinoa salad which is enough food for 5 meals.

(I haven’t been able to cook lately since I don’t have any cooking material so Costco is a great place to go for some healthier and cheaper food options) I spent $15 and got 5 meals!



It’s always better to make your own food because that’s the only way you will know everything that goes into it, but until I’m settled in pre-cooked food is my only option and I think this is a pretty good one!

I’m off to New York next wednesday and will try to post again before I leave, but if I don’t expect a big big post when I”m back from one of my favorite cities in theeeeee world!

helen su

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  1. Felix sim says:

    Hi ! Do u conduct cooking course

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