new year new start! 2013

Happy belated new years everyone!!  Hope you are all getting a great start to the new year, for me?  So far, so good. =)

I’ve was doing allot of traveling for the month of Dec.  I spent about one week in Vegas, one week in New York, and also about a week in Denver to visit my family for Christmas.  And of course I tried to keep up with the workouts during my travel, but wasn’t very successful.  I think for the month of december I probably only averaged 1 workout a week, which is terrible and I also ate everything in sight.  By the time it was New Years Eve and I had to fit my butt into my dress I was more than dissatisfied with the way that I looked, which I’m also sure allot of you felt the same way.

But for the past few weeks I have been going HARD!! And since I’m still looking for a barre job I’ve decided to double up on my workouts combining barre, boxing, and Bikram (MY 3 B’S).  Mon (barre & boxing), tues (double barre), wed (90 min bikram), thurs (barre &boxing), fri (bikram & barre), sat (run or boxing), and sun (rest day).  I have never worked out so hard and so much in my life and my body is still getting use to the intensity and the amount of hours I am putting in almost everyday of the week.  It’s hard work but it’s paying off and I am sleeping like a baby! =)

And of course working out is nothing if you don’t combine it with eating healthy.  If you want a long, toned, and lean body, diet is a majority of the work! Between 60-70% depending on your metabolic rate.

Here’s what I’ve been eating lately:

Lots of raw vegan food (The west side has tons of organic vegas restaurants, and yes it does also taste good)

Raw vegan pizza

Raw Vegan Enchilada (my favorite so far, it was also a bit spicy which I loved)

I also tried another mexican pizza which was great, and a nori coconut roll which is nasty!  They all can’t be winners right? =) My fiance likes the kelp noodle pad thai.  And trust me, like most men he was completely against eating raw vegan because of course it doesn’t sound very good, but he likes it.  And now we eat here together about once a week.

Of course I can’t forget my raw fishes because it’s my all time favorite healthy eats.  I love it so much that it really doesn’t even feel like I’m trying to eat healthy.  A few times a week after class I go to the japanese grocery store and grab some albacore sashimi with ponzu sauce (photo below)

I also found a great sushi joint near one of my barre classes that serves a bunch of no rice rolls, which is perfect for me. (spicy tuna cucumber roll below)

On top of that I also eat allot of grilled chicken breast, and drink allot of my meals.  Lots of organic pressed juices and organic raw almond milk.


I know depending on your schedule and where you live it might be really hard to replicate my workout schedule and my meals, but always make time for your health because you only get one body and one life to live.  Look around your grocery store and be conscience of what you buy.  I don’t buy junk food too often because I know if it’s around I’ll eat it.  My cabinet is full of beef jerky, seaweed, raw nuts, and smart water.  If you have a social life and you’re constantly going out with friends to restaurants, try and order the healthier option on the menu, and no that doesn’t mean always eating a salad because most of the time the dressing that comes with the salad is ridiculously sugary, creamy, and fatty.  Instead order the grilled chicken breast, the fillet mignon, or the grilled fish paired with some steam veggies not the baked potato or the french fries that come with it.  You also don’t have to eat like this everyday of the week, I sure don’t!  Just the other day I had fried chicken and apple pie because I was desperately craving for it!  I would say I eat healthy 70% of the time and 30% not healthy.  Everyones body is different and maybe for your body the ratio will also be different so you have to see as you go!

And below are some random photos and a photo of my ombre hair I said I would post awhile ago!

I have a very natural looking ombre which is exactly what I wanted.  I don’t like it too drastic because then it doesn’t look very good if you have your hair straight and their is no way I can curl my hair everyday! The ombre is great and low maintenance!

The same salon that gave me my ombre also cut my hair (chop chop hair salon).  I love them and they did a great job.  I love tons of volume and bedroom hair, so the layering they did was perfect.

And of course I can’t end this post without some photos of my two beloved <3

And a photo of Winston in Denver and the first time he has ever seen/touched snow. soooo cute!

Good luck with everything everyone!  Don’t hesitate to ask me questions here about work outs or diets! Or if you want you can always ask me privately through email here:  Just give me sometime to respond because it’s been very chaotic here for me with wedding planning, job hunting, and house renovations.

~helen su

2 Responses to new year new start! 2013

  1. ace tan says:

    hi Helen, im recently trying to have juicing as part of my diet. is there any particular juicing combination good for slimming. im either taking (green apple, orange, grapefruit ) or ( green apple, orange, carrots ). is it alright to take juice and fruits for breakfast and dinner? i still try to maintain my protein intake of hard boiled eggs, cheese and organic soya drink without sugar. thanx for your time. =)


  2. Helen says:

    Hi Ace,

    Juicing definitely helps with weight loss but you still have to make sure you are getting enough nutrients into you body. Don’t forget to protein up as well! And as far as juicing I really wouldn’t recommend so many fruits, whenever I drink juice I drink green juice meaning that it is mostly veggies. Fruit juice contains too much sugar, especially if you are drinking it at night before bed. I like using kale, parsley, ginger, celery, lemon, mint, etc. in mine.


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