March Madness coming right up!

Can you believe it’s almost March already? Which means Spring is just around the corner and bikini season is almost here!  And for me and the rest of you spring/summer brides this year, fitting into that wedding dress is no small ordeal.  Regardless of size, everyone on their wedding day wants to look their best and 99% of the time that means being skinnier.  Sucks to be a girl right?  I’m pretty sure 99% of grooms don’t watch their food intake as much as us ladies.  I start my dress fittings on April 8th, and they told me its important to be my final size by the first fitting or else additional alterations will need to take place which in turn will cost more.  I’m very close to my target weight, it’s only a few vanity pounds for me that I want to shed.  I’ve been keeping up heavily with my workouts, but I’ve decided to drop boxing for a couple months because my hands/fingers were hurting so bad.  Right now I’m mostly at Bar Methods Brentwood, West L.A., West Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, or running by the beach! Yesterday I actually did two classes and today I only had time for one because I’m leaving on a plane to Seattle very soon! After my Brentwood class today I have one of my favorite post workout meals!  Raw Alomond milk!

In addition to that I’ve been super busy running house renovations and wedding planning.  I can’t wait to show you guys the finish product of the house!  I’ve put in so much work and so much of my time.  I never knew how much work it would be but its coming together beautifully and we are moving in next next monday!

Last thing!  I helped out a friend of mine with his music video a couple weeks back.  His name is Paul Kim and you might recognize him from American Idol.  He was a finalist!  Check out the new video, I’m the feature girl in there! =)

~ helen su

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