Yay!!  I finally moved my blog back to my original site!  So please save www.helensu.com on your bookmark!

I’ve been super busy lately.. what’s new?  The new house was under renovations for about a month, still some things here and there that need to be fixed but overall I think I did a great job with my first house renovation!  I never knew how much work it would take, but it was so worth it and I can’t imagine living in another house.  And because I moved from Singapore back to California with almost nothing, buying everything from scratch and I do mean from scratch (I didn’t even have a fork) has kept me super busy.  On top of that I am also getting married in two months in Bali which has been drama and tons of work.  I’ll give a quick recap of everything else through photos.

1. One of my dogs.. Winston (looks cute right?) decided to eat a king size bag of M&M’s this weekend.  Needless to say he had to be rushed to the emergency room and stayed there for the next day.  He’s okay now, Thank GOODNESS!.  I don’t know what I would have done if anything happened to him.  We’ve had a few doggy scares since arriving in the U.S.  Winston a couple months ago had to go to the vet because he ate something bad in the street.  My other dog Google had bladder stones and also has surgery in January for that as well.  The dogs have been a handful lately, but I love them to death and as long as they’re okay I will do anything for them.


2. Eating healthy.. still and because I’m on the wedding dress diet I’ve significantly reduced my carb intake.  So far I’ve lost 4lbs and I have still retained my 22% body fat percentage meaning I’ve only lost fat and not muscle.  Woohoo! Here are some healthy foodie photos!


steak salad (I don’t even use dressing anymore, I feel the flavors in the steak and cheese is enough for me)


Beet root and ginger juice.  One of my favs, but I try not to drink it too often because beets are naturally very sugary.


No carb tacos!  Just fantabulous!!  If you know me, you know I love my mexican food!


Octopus salad and a side of cauliflower soup.  I tossed the bread and once again did not eat the dressing and picked out all the potatoes.  I go in for my first dress fitting in about a week =0


Raw almond milk.  I drink this at least once a week as a post workout meal.  Very filling I promise.

3. It’s been great catching up with friends and just being able to see everyone on a consistent basis.  Meet Janet, Janice, and Janette.  They’re sisters and I am the 4th unwanted sister. LOL


4.  I finally figured out how to wear red lipstick!  This is very very big news (joking, but not really).  I’ve wanted to wear red lipstick for so long but always thought it looked funny on me, but I did it and I loves it! The key for me is to go very plain with my eye makeup.


5. Go pick up the new “girls of the hawaiian islands” calendar which can be purchased at any ABC store in Hawaii.  I’m Miss March.


6. Did a test run for hair/makeup for the wedding.  I like this look.. whatcha think?


Ciao til next time!  And remember to keep pushing along at the gym and what you put into your body.  Bikini season is literally right around the corner!

~ helen su

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