different day different flexibility

Please remember when it comes to your flexibility listen to your body!  Everyday is different and just because you were able to split yesterday doesn’t mean your body will allow for it today.

About a month ago while I was in class I pulled a hamstring muscle because I was so use to pushing my body to a certain point even though it wasn’t ready for it that day.  Now for the past month I have been nursing my left hamstring and it really sucks!  So please remember to be careful every time you work out, and listen to your own body!


The day I did this shoot my body wasn’t allowing me to go into a split.  It just wasn’t ready for it and since I didn’t workout before hand my muscles were not warm enough.  Trust me, I really wanted to for a great photo but I couldn’t and I didn’t because it’s not worth injuring myself.

“eat clean stay lean”

~ helen su


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