my fountain of youth + weekend recap

As much as I love being healthy because of how it makes me feel, it doesn’t hurt to look fabulous along the way!  Let’s just be honest, I love feeling sexy!  When I feel sexy I feel like I can do anything!  And what woman doesn’t want to feel that way?  For me it starts with a well balanced workout regimen and equally as important what you put into your body!  Almost everyday I have a green juice, sometimes even more then once a day.  I started drinking them allot because I was on the wedding dress diet, but along the way I realized my skin was also changing.  I wasn’t the first one to notice, shockingly it was my husband who told me my skin was glowing!  And just to clarify I don’t have one of those husbands who ever notices when I get a hair cut either, so it had to have been a significant change.  For the longest time I’ve been buying my juices at Pressed Juicery, Nekter, Clover, and Kreations, and they are wonderful but very expensive.  A single bottle would cost between $6.50 – $10.00, and because I would have at least one a day my weekly juice bill would come to $40-$100/week!



So a couple weeks ago I decided to order the highly televised “nutri bullet”.  The infomercial claims that the blades are so powerful that it cuts through veggies so fine that it basically liquifies it.  I guess it would be the love child of a juicer and blender, liquifies like a juicer but keeps every part of the fruit and veggie like a blender.  My review?  It works well, but it definitely doesn’t liquify it like a juicer would.  My first attempt was a all green juice but it was so thick you almost had to chew it.  Needless to say a super thick chewy green juice does not go down very easily.  It definitely works better then the blender I have, so I decided to still keep it, but now I just have to add in a couple extra steps to strain the juice to remove all the chunks out of it.  It’s not ideal, but it has saved me a substantial amount of money.  $11/week for all organic produces!  And even with a couple extra steps, the nutri bullet is so easy to clean that I don’t necessary think it’s taking more time vs. a actual juicer.



Photographed above is a combination of dinosaur kale, cucumber, parsley, ginger, and kiwi.  To make this with the nutri bullet I first blended all the veggies and ginger with some water.  After I would strain it and remove out all the chunks, and then blend everything with the kiwi.  I separated the steps because the kiwi doesn’t need to be strained, or any fruit for that matter.  If you’re making a mostly fruit smoothie with a little veggie you can get away without straining, but because I’m making a green, their is no way around it.  I would also not recommend anyone drinking too many fruit juices or smoothies.  It contains too much fructose, which is why I mostly drink greens!

In the end it’s taking me a bit of time to make the juices vs. buying (8-10 minutes/day) but I went from sometimes $100/week for juices to $11 with all organic produces!  Of course on days I don’t have time I’ll still buy at the juice bars, but going from $400/month to $44/month is absolutely worth the extra work.  It’s a $356 a month savings!  Do you know how many pairs of LuLu Lemon pants I can buy? lol



Is $11/month not absolutely worth having beautiful skin?  On most days I don’t even wear makeup and I feel very confident doing so.  Yes I get monthly facials, and yes I use La Mer, but all of those things put together would not give me the same result as my green juices.  Scouts honor.. Give it a try and watch your skin change dramatically.  Who ever thought the fountain of youth would be so inexpensive?

On a completely different note I had all my little Su’s come visit this past week.



My mom would probably kick my butt for posting this picture, but I thought it was so cute.  My 3 little ones had a long day! haha



My brother also brought his dog Kino to play with Google and Winston.  Can’t say they are the best of buddies, but it’s nice to see all 3 of them together.



We also spent the day at the aunt’s house in Orange county.  Have to admit it’s nice having a big back yard, but I am not ready for suburban living just yet.  I love living near the beach!



We also got a nice surprise package from Converse this week!  Thanks Ian for the new shoes!  A girl can never have too many.



Uh Oh… Kronuts!  JUST TO CLARIFY THIS IS NOT A PART OF “THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”.  It’s more like the opposite!  LOL.  But hey!  Every once in awhile it’s okay and it was for our buddy’s birthday!  For those of you who haven’t caught on to the craze, a kronut is a donut/croissant.  These were purchased at my friend’s boyfriend’s bakery in Santa Monica called DK’s donuts and they were pretty yummy…. unfortunately.



And last but not least….. Ryan Gosling… These quotes all crack me up, especially the carb related ones.  But hey, whatever Ryan Gosling says must be true right?  hubba hubba!

~ helen su

4 Responses to my fountain of youth + weekend recap

  1. Lauren S says:

    I love following your blog! I love everything you share! To be honest, I’ve been following you since you were import modeling (you were one of my absolute favorites)! No lie :) I really hope you will soon be teaching fitness classes so I can take them with you as an instructor. :) I’m going to make myself a green juice now. Until the next post :) have a great day!

  2. Mimi Fleischman says:

    Love this blog! Life is good!

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