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My entry title pretty much sums up everything going on in my life right now.  Their are a million things to do, I know I will get them all done but it’s allot!

First and foremost, as I’m sure most of you already know I am moving back to L.A. at month end.  It’s been something that we have been considering for along time now, but to be perfectly honest we did not anticipate a move this quickly.  Originally the plan was to move back to L.A. after the wedding probably around jan. 2014, but hey! sometimes when an opportunity comes knocking you just have to take it right?  And as everyone knows moving is a tremendous amount of work!  We had to sell the house, contact overseas moving companies, I have to get the dogs ready to be exported out of here, we have to find temporary housing in LA, we have to find a new house to buy as well, we have to buy new cars, new furniture, I have to close down BodyBarre =(, and of course in the middle of all this chaos.. I am also still planning a wedding in BALI!! And last but certainly not the least important, we are also trying to see friends as much as possible before we have to say our goodbyes.

But enough of that, this weekend I will also be going to Bali for a few days to finalize some wedding details.  Luckily I am dragging along a couple of my gf’s so I don’t have to go by myself.  We will be staying at the Colony in Seminyak, which I am stoked about.  I hope it is a nice as it looks because I would also like to put wedding guests there next year in June.  And some of you might hate me for saying this, but one of the reasons I chose this hotel is because their are no children allowed, in fact if you’re not 16 you are not even allowed in the hotel.  And just to clarify, I do not hate children but until I have my own I don’t really want to be chilling poolside next to them.

I get back from Bali on a Monday and that following tuesday and wednesday will be my last and final BodyBarre classes in Singapore.  Although I am excited about the move, saying goodbye to my company will be quite sad for me.  I feel very proud to have been able to be the first to introduce Barre to Singapore.  Most of my students have never heard of barre or have ever taken a barre class before, and I feel very honored to have been the first one!  Most of the students love barre so much now, and I wish I could find another studio to refer them to, but unfortunately I don’t know of any.  It was definitely a struggle in the beginning to have people understand what this form of exercise is, but now only a year and a half later I’ve introduced BodyBarre is over a 100 new people.  I hope everyone keeps up with the workout after I leave and continues to stay motivated.  Just remember consistency is key to success!  And don’t ever give up!  A bikini Body awaits you!!

And… after my very last BodyBarre class I will be off to Korea for a wedding with a huge group of friends from Singapore.  Should be a blast!  And not to mention I love weddings.  Everyone is always in such a good mood, love is in the air, and so is the open bar =)

After Korea we will need to pack and ship off a huge majority of our stuff, and in no time will be our last weekend in Singapore.  We’ll be celebrating with a pre-halloween costume party and then a fair well Champagne brunch on Sunday with close friends before we say goodbye.

And then it will be a new chapter in our lives!  A new home with my puppies (two cutest pomeranians in the world!) and of course my future baby daddy lol.

Google: my first <3

Winston: my baby boy

Cuter than Boo right?  lol hahahaha.  jk jk

~ helen su

Italy birthday!

I spent 10 days in Italy for my birthday this year and it was amazing and the best birthday ever!!  I had so much fun I completely forgot about being depressed and crying when I turned 30 lol.  So no tears here…. just all smiles! and bunches of kisses from my fiance <3, not to mention tons of food, wine, and shopping!  What more could a girl want right?

We started our trip in Rome, then to Florence, Bologna, and back to Rome for one more night before we left.  I don’t think I could possibly write about all the details of the trip because it would take me a bazillion years since every single day I had so much fun with my best buddy in the whole wide world.  Everyday we had wine, everyday we ate delicious food, everyday we held hands and smooched (barf right? lol), everyday i bought something.. lol, took tons of photos and pretty much just had a fabulous time every single day and every single hour!

The photos can do more explaining:

Segway Tour around Rome!  Personally I thought this was the best because we saw almost everything within 3 hours, of course you’re not getting all the details and seeing everything for super long, but honestly I’m not that type of tourist.  I just need to see it, I don’t need to spend hours looking at one piece of artifact.  (and isn’t this photo so cute it makes you feel sick in your tummy?  lol)

my best buddy in the whole wide world

see? you see everything!

Rome has drinking fountains everywhere!  And yes, I was a bit worried to drink out of it at first because I didn’t want to get sick but the tour guide assured all of us that it’s okay.

First day in Florence and just in time for the sunset in the Piazza

This was the night we had a shot of Grappa.. Have you had it before?  It’s sooo strong!  That was our first and last shot of Grappa for the whole trip!

All smile for shopping at the outlets day!!!  Woohoo we loaded up on prada, miu miu, gucci!!  everything was about 70% off!

Florence is so beautiful it looks like a scene from a story book.

My snazzy Gucci scarf I got for 70% off!

Obika Mozzarella Bar

I heart Burata Cheese

I celebrated my Birthday at a 3 michellin star restaurant called enotecca Pinchiorri !  Best meal of my life! 20 courses with wine pairing!

and of course when I came home I had a small birthday dinner with close friends!


~ helen su

turning the 3…..0h….M…..G……

I’m turning the 3-0 next week on the 14th of September and like many other women, I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled.  After all isn’t this the age where everyone starts giving you “over the hill” birthday cards?  The age when you start getting botox? The age where your metabolism starts to significantly slow down? The age when it’s already harder to have a baby? And the age when you no longer tell people your age?

ahhhh… this is the year I turn 30! and when I say year I mean next week =*(*****

So I’m not going to deny that I might possible have a tear fall down my face at the strike of midnight, but since turning 30 is inevitable I couldn’t imagine having a more fabulous life then I do right at this very moment!  BECAUSE AT THE AGE OF 30

- I will be marrying my best friend and the love of my life (and in vera wang <3)

- I have theeeee 2 cutest dogs in the world!!

- My family is healthy

- I have great friends

- I have a job that I find very rewarding

- I am a more confident person now then ever before.

- I am in the best shape of my life

- I have traveled the world

- I have accomplished my goal of modeling and being on magazine covers

- I will be celebrating my 30th birthday in Italy sipping on wine and eating pizza =)



So too all the women who look better in their 30′s then they ever did in their teens or in their 20′s.  A toast to you!!  We might have to work harder but they sure don’t look better. =)

~ helen su

not trying to be the best at working out?

Alright… I’ve heard a few people say this to me recently. “I’m not trying to be the best at working out”.  and blah blah blah..guess they would rather play real sports than to hit up the gym.  And honestly, that’s great!  I always say do what works best for you and definitely do something you would enjoy!

But don’t say it to me right? LOL.  hello!!  I own a fitness company!



I AM TRYING TO BE THE BEST AT LOOKING GOOD NAKED !!!!!!! (in private of course) ^_~

Cheers!!!  Happy Monday everyone! =)


I admire…

I admire…. not the person who is running the fastest, not the person who jumps the highest, but the person who is pushing the hardest.  

Remember everyone… it’s not about where you started off….. it’s always about where you end up.  So during these months of packed on holidays, please remember why you started in the first place and keep pushing on!  It’s easy to fall off the wagon, that ‘s completely fine!  Just remember to hop back on because every day counts, every meal counts, and every workout counts!

Keep yourself motivated! And I shall do the same =)

~ helen su

Argan Oil Obsession

I have a new obsession.  Well… not that new since I discovered Argan Oil and started using it about a year ago and loooooove it!!  I first purchased it about a year ago in the U.S. At first I didn’t buy it in it’s pure form, instead it was mixed into a foundation by Josie Maran, so although I liked the foundation because it didn’t clog my skin I felt that the coverage was too light, which is fine for everyday use but when I go out on the weekends and photos are being snapped I prefer a foundation with a bit more coverage.

So a few months ago I decided to buy Argan Oil in its pure form.  Once again at Sephora by Josie Maran.  The oil is 100% organic and not mixed with anything else from Morocco, in fact I also purchased one for my mommy since she lives in Colorado and the climate there is so dry I thought it would be nourishing for her skin.  For those of you who are not familiar with the product it contains vitamin F, omega 6, helps with acne scars, dry skin, anti-aging, and restores skin.  Not only do I use Argan Oil for my face, I also use it on my body, and sometimes in my hair because it helps with splits ends and dry hair.

Ever since I started using it I feel the texture of my skin has improved and I absolutely love the natural glow my skin has now.  And no, it absolutely does not clog my pores or leaves it greasy.

For my face I put 3-4 drops on my hand and slowly massage it into my face after cleansing.  Usually at night or after I shower, or if I’m going out I put it on before my foundation.

As for my body because I absolutely love my lotions from Victoria Secret and because I love to always smell nice =) I mix in 10-12 drops into my body lotion and rub it all over my body so I get the benefits of Argan and the smell of VS.

For hair I just use a couple drops and rub it between my fingers and rub into the ends of my hair.  But only on days I don’t go out because I love allot of volume in my hair and the oil doesn’t help since it’s more for treatment rather then styling.