Yay!!  I finally moved my blog back to my original site!  So please save www.helensu.com on your bookmark!

I’ve been super busy lately.. what’s new?  The new house was under renovations for about a month, still some things here and there that need to be fixed but overall I think I did a great job with my first house renovation!  I never knew how much work it would take, but it was so worth it and I can’t imagine living in another house.  And because I moved from Singapore back to California with almost nothing, buying everything from scratch and I do mean from scratch (I didn’t even have a fork) has kept me super busy.  On top of that I am also getting married in two months in Bali which has been drama and tons of work.  I’ll give a quick recap of everything else through photos.

1. One of my dogs.. Winston (looks cute right?) decided to eat a king size bag of M&M’s this weekend.  Needless to say he had to be rushed to the emergency room and stayed there for the next day.  He’s okay now, Thank GOODNESS!.  I don’t know what I would have done if anything happened to him.  We’ve had a few doggy scares since arriving in the U.S.  Winston a couple months ago had to go to the vet because he ate something bad in the street.  My other dog Google had bladder stones and also has surgery in January for that as well.  The dogs have been a handful lately, but I love them to death and as long as they’re okay I will do anything for them.


2. Eating healthy.. still and because I’m on the wedding dress diet I’ve significantly reduced my carb intake.  So far I’ve lost 4lbs and I have still retained my 22% body fat percentage meaning I’ve only lost fat and not muscle.  Woohoo! Here are some healthy foodie photos!


steak salad (I don’t even use dressing anymore, I feel the flavors in the steak and cheese is enough for me)


Beet root and ginger juice.  One of my favs, but I try not to drink it too often because beets are naturally very sugary.


No carb tacos!  Just fantabulous!!  If you know me, you know I love my mexican food!


Octopus salad and a side of cauliflower soup.  I tossed the bread and once again did not eat the dressing and picked out all the potatoes.  I go in for my first dress fitting in about a week =0


Raw almond milk.  I drink this at least once a week as a post workout meal.  Very filling I promise.

3. It’s been great catching up with friends and just being able to see everyone on a consistent basis.  Meet Janet, Janice, and Janette.  They’re sisters and I am the 4th unwanted sister. LOL


4.  I finally figured out how to wear red lipstick!  This is very very big news (joking, but not really).  I’ve wanted to wear red lipstick for so long but always thought it looked funny on me, but I did it and I loves it! The key for me is to go very plain with my eye makeup.


5. Go pick up the new “girls of the hawaiian islands” calendar which can be purchased at any ABC store in Hawaii.  I’m Miss March.


6. Did a test run for hair/makeup for the wedding.  I like this look.. whatcha think?


Ciao til next time!  And remember to keep pushing along at the gym and what you put into your body.  Bikini season is literally right around the corner!

~ helen su

March Madness coming right up!

Can you believe it’s almost March already? Which means Spring is just around the corner and bikini season is almost here!  And for me and the rest of you spring/summer brides this year, fitting into that wedding dress is no small ordeal.  Regardless of size, everyone on their wedding day wants to look their best and 99% of the time that means being skinnier.  Sucks to be a girl right?  I’m pretty sure 99% of grooms don’t watch their food intake as much as us ladies.  I start my dress fittings on April 8th, and they told me its important to be my final size by the first fitting or else additional alterations will need to take place which in turn will cost more.  I’m very close to my target weight, it’s only a few vanity pounds for me that I want to shed.  I’ve been keeping up heavily with my workouts, but I’ve decided to drop boxing for a couple months because my hands/fingers were hurting so bad.  Right now I’m mostly at Bar Methods Brentwood, West L.A., West Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, or running by the beach! Yesterday I actually did two classes and today I only had time for one because I’m leaving on a plane to Seattle very soon! After my Brentwood class today I have one of my favorite post workout meals!  Raw Alomond milk!

In addition to that I’ve been super busy running house renovations and wedding planning.  I can’t wait to show you guys the finish product of the house!  I’ve put in so much work and so much of my time.  I never knew how much work it would be but its coming together beautifully and we are moving in next next monday!

Last thing!  I helped out a friend of mine with his music video a couple weeks back.  His name is Paul Kim and you might recognize him from American Idol.  He was a finalist!  Check out the new video, I’m the feature girl in there! =)


~ helen su

new year new start! 2013

Happy belated new years everyone!!  Hope you are all getting a great start to the new year, for me?  So far, so good. =)

I’ve was doing allot of traveling for the month of Dec.  I spent about one week in Vegas, one week in New York, and also about a week in Denver to visit my family for Christmas.  And of course I tried to keep up with the workouts during my travel, but wasn’t very successful.  I think for the month of december I probably only averaged 1 workout a week, which is terrible and I also ate everything in sight.  By the time it was New Years Eve and I had to fit my butt into my dress I was more than dissatisfied with the way that I looked, which I’m also sure allot of you felt the same way.

But for the past few weeks I have been going HARD!! And since I’m still looking for a barre job I’ve decided to double up on my workouts combining barre, boxing, and Bikram (MY 3 B’S).  Mon (barre & boxing), tues (double barre), wed (90 min bikram), thurs (barre &boxing), fri (bikram & barre), sat (run or boxing), and sun (rest day).  I have never worked out so hard and so much in my life and my body is still getting use to the intensity and the amount of hours I am putting in almost everyday of the week.  It’s hard work but it’s paying off and I am sleeping like a baby! =)

And of course working out is nothing if you don’t combine it with eating healthy.  If you want a long, toned, and lean body, diet is a majority of the work! Between 60-70% depending on your metabolic rate.

Here’s what I’ve been eating lately:

Lots of raw vegan food (The west side has tons of organic vegas restaurants, and yes it does also taste good)

Raw vegan pizza

Raw Vegan Enchilada (my favorite so far, it was also a bit spicy which I loved)

I also tried another mexican pizza which was great, and a nori coconut roll which is nasty!  They all can’t be winners right? =) My fiance likes the kelp noodle pad thai.  And trust me, like most men he was completely against eating raw vegan because of course it doesn’t sound very good, but he likes it.  And now we eat here together about once a week.

Of course I can’t forget my raw fishes because it’s my all time favorite healthy eats.  I love it so much that it really doesn’t even feel like I’m trying to eat healthy.  A few times a week after class I go to the japanese grocery store and grab some albacore sashimi with ponzu sauce (photo below)

I also found a great sushi joint near one of my barre classes that serves a bunch of no rice rolls, which is perfect for me. (spicy tuna cucumber roll below)

On top of that I also eat allot of grilled chicken breast, and drink allot of my meals.  Lots of organic pressed juices and organic raw almond milk.


I know depending on your schedule and where you live it might be really hard to replicate my workout schedule and my meals, but always make time for your health because you only get one body and one life to live.  Look around your grocery store and be conscience of what you buy.  I don’t buy junk food too often because I know if it’s around I’ll eat it.  My cabinet is full of beef jerky, seaweed, raw nuts, and smart water.  If you have a social life and you’re constantly going out with friends to restaurants, try and order the healthier option on the menu, and no that doesn’t mean always eating a salad because most of the time the dressing that comes with the salad is ridiculously sugary, creamy, and fatty.  Instead order the grilled chicken breast, the fillet mignon, or the grilled fish paired with some steam veggies not the baked potato or the french fries that come with it.  You also don’t have to eat like this everyday of the week, I sure don’t!  Just the other day I had fried chicken and apple pie because I was desperately craving for it!  I would say I eat healthy 70% of the time and 30% not healthy.  Everyones body is different and maybe for your body the ratio will also be different so you have to see as you go!

And below are some random photos and a photo of my ombre hair I said I would post awhile ago!

I have a very natural looking ombre which is exactly what I wanted.  I don’t like it too drastic because then it doesn’t look very good if you have your hair straight and their is no way I can curl my hair everyday! The ombre is great and low maintenance!

The same salon that gave me my ombre also cut my hair (chop chop hair salon).  I love them and they did a great job.  I love tons of volume and bedroom hair, so the layering they did was perfect.

And of course I can’t end this post without some photos of my two beloved <3

And a photo of Winston in Denver and the first time he has ever seen/touched snow. soooo cute!

Good luck with everything everyone!  Don’t hesitate to ask me questions here about work outs or diets! Or if you want you can always ask me privately through email here: helensu.com@gmail.com.  Just give me sometime to respond because it’s been very chaotic here for me with wedding planning, job hunting, and house renovations.

~helen su

Getting there….

Been back in L.A. for almost a month now and finally starting to get settled in.  About a week ago I finally received my cell phone, and just a few days ago we finally got our cars settled.  We’re also finalizing on a house soon, and hopefully will be in our new home in a month?

In addition to that we had a huge Thanksgiving dinner last thursday in San Diego and it was delicious!  It was my first Thanksgiving back in the U.S. in 4 years!  I shared the duties of Thanksgiving dinner this year so only had to do half the work, thank goodness.  But I have to pat myself on the back for a job well done. =)

Dinner included: Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, bacon & beer mac & cheese, garlic mashed potato, green beans, corn bread, salad, gravy, apple pie, and pumpkin pie.

Shockingly enough I did not participate in black friday sales or cyber monday this year.  I tried and went to find some deals, but nothing really caught my attention.  However, I did participate in pre/post intense gym sessions to continue with getting myself in even better shape.  Not to mention the damn Victoria Secret fashion show will be airing soon and that show never fails to make me feel bad about myself… lol  OR!!! motivates me even more to be in good shape.  This past couple weeks I’ve continued with my hot yoga classes and barre, but I’ve also tried out Runyon Canyon (which I thought was weak), a boxing class with a guy who use to train with Mayweather, boot camp (loved), and a pilates mat class (which also felt like fitness for a senior citizen).  And once again, nothing against senior citizens, it’s just that I’m not one yet and don’t wish to work out like one.

Before Thanksgiving I went to get my hair done, which is always a scary moment for me when I need to find and go to a new place.  Of course I did tons of research online before making an appointment and finally decided to go to “chop chop” in west L.A.  Chelsea colored my hair and Chase gave me a cut, they did an awesome job and will continue to go there forever!  or until I move again or they move.  I did my normal cut with tons of layers and was finally able to get an ombre, which I tried to do before in Singapore and failed since nobody knew what I was talking about.  Photos post cut/color coming up soon….

My dogs also got haircuts before Thanksgiving and unfortunately their hair cuts came out horrible!!  But I guess if I had to chose between them getting bad hair cuts or myself…. I chose them… *bad mom bad mom* Let me explain!  Only because they are so naturally more beautiful that it doesn’t matter what their hair looks like, they will always look fabulous!  And afterwards I treated them to a In & Out burger! (did you know you can go there and order a dog patty?  It’s only 70 cents and they cook it without salt)

They love L.A.!!  If nothing else because they get In & Out!!!

Today I went to get my Costco membership.  Costco is one of many things I love about the states!  I can seriously stay there all day and just look at stuff and eat all my meals.  The place has everything!! Today I bought two movie tickets for 33% off, $100 worth of gift certificates for the Daily Grill for only $80, and a whole roast chicken and quinoa salad which is enough food for 5 meals.

(I haven’t been able to cook lately since I don’t have any cooking material so Costco is a great place to go for some healthier and cheaper food options) I spent $15 and got 5 meals!



It’s always better to make your own food because that’s the only way you will know everything that goes into it, but until I’m settled in pre-cooked food is my only option and I think this is a pretty good one!

I’m off to New York next wednesday and will try to post again before I leave, but if I don’t expect a big big post when I”m back from one of my favorite cities in theeeeee world!

helen su

Santa Monica Living

Guess who loves living in Santa Monica? =) 

I’m currently typing with a body that is sore from head to toe! I’m not exaggerating.  Let me break it down to you what I’ve been doing for my new fitness routine… or better yet.. my non routine

Nov. 5th: Running beach side

Nov. 6th: Power Core Sculpt (combination of hot yoga, weights, cardio, flow, and resistance training).

Nov. 7th: Running beach side again

Nov. 8th: Bar Methods Marina Del Rey (signed up for their introductory one month unlimited for $100)

Nov. 9th: Santa Monica Stairs (I think this is where all the beautiful workout? Every person was either a model/athlete/trainer.  If you’re single… this is the place to be. =)

(view from the Santa Monica Stairs)

Then I had the weekend off because I went to San Francisco for a wedding <3 Big Congrats again to Victoria and Kelly! Beautiful wedding, beautiful people, and they will have beautiful babies

(Picture with the beautiful bride.. no idea why we didn’t get one with the groom?  sorry kelly)

Nov. 20th: Hot8 Yoga studio (tried their hot flow class, which is completely different than my normal Bikram class)  I also signed up for a introductory one month membership for $45

Nov. 21st: TRX (this was my first TRX class and it was much more than what I had expected.  They do about 30 minutes of interval training prior to TRX.  Great Workout! )  (also signed up for 2 weeks unlimited classes for $25) (Going there again on Saturday!)

Nov. 22nd: Back to my HOT8 studio for another hot yoga flow class.  Next week I definitely want to try their Hot Barre class!

Tomorrow I will be back at Bar Methods

I know I kinda already talked about this in my previous post, but the level of fitness and health out here in Santa Monica is insane!  This is by far the healthiest city I’ve ever lived and I LOVE it!!  Yesterday for my post workout snack I had raw almond milk loaded with protein which taste delicious btw.  And right down the street from one of my current studios is a place called Tender Greens that serves great meat choices with a side salad and a grilled veggie.  I’ve eaten there 3x already!

(Grilled Tuna Steak rare w/baby spinach salad (dressing on the side always) and grilled mushrooms) (I also tossed the bread since I’m trying to drop weight)

Other than that.. we had also put in a bid for a house… we lost and didn’t get it.. wah!  We’re also car shopping for two cars at the moment because we’re on rental cars still.  Luckily I got upgraded to a Prius with GPS! woohoo!  The Dogs love it here as well.  I take them to the dog park and walks on the beach.

Everyday i have a bazillion things to do and it just takes awhile to get fully settled in, but we are getting there.  This might be wishful thinking but I would love to be settled in a new house by New Years.  Highly doubtful since most people don’t like to put their house on the market until after the holidays, so we might be stuck in this furnished one bedroom for awhile.  On another note, I will be heading to New York Dec. 5-10th!  I’m excited since I haven’t been there for 3-4 years now.  Anyone have any recommendations for food or shopping let me know?

~ helen su

Back in La La Land!

Hello from L.A.!!!!  I’m back in L.A. and back into blogging!

I’ve been back now for almost a week and instead of boring everyone with the details of the move, which btw has been very trying.  I’m only going to tell you about the fun stuff and how great it is to be back.

I’m currently staying in a temporary furnished apartment with my 2 dogs and fiance in Santa Monica, which is also the place where we are trying to find our new home.  For those of you who have never been to SM before, you’re missing out!  The weather is perfect everyday and the people have been so nice everywhere we go.  One of the reasons why I love SM is because of how healthy the entire city is.  Everywhere I go I find juice bars, organic produces/farmers markets, salad bars, sushi restaurants, lulu lemon, and not to mention how dog friendly this whole city is!  Every store I go to they have a dog water bowl outside so no matter what, the pups are never thirsty.  SM is also one of the few cities that have hydro stations where Hydro cars can go and fill up, and yes I too just found out about cars that fill up on hydrogen instead of gas.  The city is so green that they don’t even allow groceries to be placed in plastic bags, so of course I went to Whole foods and purchased a couple re-usable grocery bags because it’s always good to be pro-environment =)

And of course I’m checking out my job options.  I definitely know I want to stay in fitness and more specifically in barre because it is still my favorite workout.  I’ve been shopping around at new fitness classes and the amount that is offered here is absolutely insane. I feel like I’ve been gone for so long, and now I’m completely out of date of the variety of classes that are offered.   Even though I definitely want to be a barre instructor I’m loving the ability to check out all these different types of classes to learn more and to be able to be a even better instructor.  The first few days I ran alongside the beach from Venice to Santa Monica because the view is simply breath taking.  Today I went to Core Power Yoga and took their sculpt class which is a combination of hot yoga (95 degrees), yoga flow, weights, resistance, and cardio class and it was the hardest class I  have ever taken in my life!  and not like any yoga class I’ve ever been too.  I think I am in decent shape and usually when I attend a new class for the first time I always do decently well, but in this class I had to sit down numerous times because my body couldn’t handle it, which of course makes me love it more and only makes me want to go back!  I was the only new student in the class and even their regular students, only 2 actually finished and completed the entire class. This studio offers a variety of classes and I got a one week free membership so I will check out the other classes and give you guys a full analysis later on.  I also found another studio that offers hot barre, which combines two of my favorite workouts…. barre and hot yoga!  Can not wait to try!

btw.. It’s November and officially weight gaining months, for me it started a couple months ago with fare-well drinks/dinners/trips/etc.  So I am on a strict low carb/high protein diet.  Hope you guys are all eating better then I am!  Remember diet is 60-80% of the work depending on your individual metabolic rate.  So working hard at the gym does not make up for eating crap in the home.

~ helen su