my fountain of youth + weekend recap

As much as I love being healthy because of how it makes me feel, it doesn’t hurt to look fabulous along the way!  Let’s just be honest, I love feeling sexy!  When I feel sexy I feel like I can do anything!  And what woman doesn’t want to feel that way?  For me it starts with a well balanced workout regimen and equally as important what you put into your body!  Almost everyday I have a green juice, sometimes even more then once a day.  I started drinking them allot because I was on the wedding dress diet, but along the way I realized my skin was also changing.  I wasn’t the first one to notice, shockingly it was my husband who told me my skin was glowing!  And just to clarify I don’t have one of those husbands who ever notices when I get a hair cut either, so it had to have been a significant change.  For the longest time I’ve been buying my juices at Pressed Juicery, Nekter, Clover, and Kreations, and they are wonderful but very expensive.  A single bottle would cost between $6.50 – $10.00, and because I would have at least one a day my weekly juice bill would come to $40-$100/week!



So a couple weeks ago I decided to order the highly televised “nutri bullet”.  The infomercial claims that the blades are so powerful that it cuts through veggies so fine that it basically liquifies it.  I guess it would be the love child of a juicer and blender, liquifies like a juicer but keeps every part of the fruit and veggie like a blender.  My review?  It works well, but it definitely doesn’t liquify it like a juicer would.  My first attempt was a all green juice but it was so thick you almost had to chew it.  Needless to say a super thick chewy green juice does not go down very easily.  It definitely works better then the blender I have, so I decided to still keep it, but now I just have to add in a couple extra steps to strain the juice to remove all the chunks out of it.  It’s not ideal, but it has saved me a substantial amount of money.  $11/week for all organic produces!  And even with a couple extra steps, the nutri bullet is so easy to clean that I don’t necessary think it’s taking more time vs. a actual juicer.



Photographed above is a combination of dinosaur kale, cucumber, parsley, ginger, and kiwi.  To make this with the nutri bullet I first blended all the veggies and ginger with some water.  After I would strain it and remove out all the chunks, and then blend everything with the kiwi.  I separated the steps because the kiwi doesn’t need to be strained, or any fruit for that matter.  If you’re making a mostly fruit smoothie with a little veggie you can get away without straining, but because I’m making a green, their is no way around it.  I would also not recommend anyone drinking too many fruit juices or smoothies.  It contains too much fructose, which is why I mostly drink greens!

In the end it’s taking me a bit of time to make the juices vs. buying (8-10 minutes/day) but I went from sometimes $100/week for juices to $11 with all organic produces!  Of course on days I don’t have time I’ll still buy at the juice bars, but going from $400/month to $44/month is absolutely worth the extra work.  It’s a $356 a month savings!  Do you know how many pairs of LuLu Lemon pants I can buy? lol



Is $11/month not absolutely worth having beautiful skin?  On most days I don’t even wear makeup and I feel very confident doing so.  Yes I get monthly facials, and yes I use La Mer, but all of those things put together would not give me the same result as my green juices.  Scouts honor.. Give it a try and watch your skin change dramatically.  Who ever thought the fountain of youth would be so inexpensive?

On a completely different note I had all my little Su’s come visit this past week.



My mom would probably kick my butt for posting this picture, but I thought it was so cute.  My 3 little ones had a long day! haha



My brother also brought his dog Kino to play with Google and Winston.  Can’t say they are the best of buddies, but it’s nice to see all 3 of them together.



We also spent the day at the aunt’s house in Orange county.  Have to admit it’s nice having a big back yard, but I am not ready for suburban living just yet.  I love living near the beach!



We also got a nice surprise package from Converse this week!  Thanks Ian for the new shoes!  A girl can never have too many.



Uh Oh… Kronuts!  JUST TO CLARIFY THIS IS NOT A PART OF “THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”.  It’s more like the opposite!  LOL.  But hey!  Every once in awhile it’s okay and it was for our buddy’s birthday!  For those of you who haven’t caught on to the craze, a kronut is a donut/croissant.  These were purchased at my friend’s boyfriend’s bakery in Santa Monica called DK’s donuts and they were pretty yummy…. unfortunately.



And last but not least….. Ryan Gosling… These quotes all crack me up, especially the carb related ones.  But hey, whatever Ryan Gosling says must be true right?  hubba hubba!

~ helen su

bikini season

Bikini season is here!  Are you jumping for joy? Or you dreading the two piece?  Regardless of where you’re at with your fitness goals, just remember it’s never too late to start.  The great thing about fitness is that it gives back what you put into it.  If you work hard, it gives you great rewards and great self satisfaction.  If you put in little, it gives back little.  If you put in nothing, well unfortunately it gives you nothing and then some.  If you’re ready for change?  The journey begins today not tomorrow.



~ helen su

the balance of life

Life is challenging, yet so rewarding with the right balance. It’s hard to be great at work and make time for the home.  It’s hard to be a great parent and still make time for your friends, and it’s hard to be healthy and still make time for fun.  Juggling everything is difficult but it’s absolutely necessary to have a full, happy, and balanced life!  Things can get a bit out of hand sometimes, I’m speaking from personal experience.  These past 8-9 months for me have been crazy.  I moved back from Singapore to L.A., sold a house, bought a new house, bought cars, renovated the house, moved 4 times, furnished an entire house because we didn’t even own a fork and had left everything behind in Singapore, planned a 5 day wedding from overseas, was looking for a job, dogs in and out of the hospital, and while still staying in shape (actually got into better shape), and ate as healthy as I have ever before.  The past months have been a real test for me, but I survived and feel very accomplished and overall I just feel great.  Trust me, I cried a few times along the way (cry baby I know), but overall I just feel great!  And since I’ve been back from the wedding (wedding blog(S) coming up soon) I had a bit more time to spend in the kitchen so here I share some healthy eats/drinks I’ve recently had/made to help keep your diet balanced!

Miso glazed chilean sea bass with cauliflower and carrot mash


For the miso glaze I mixed in two tablespoons of miso paste and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce.  I also added in a about a teaspoon of ginger, brown sugar, sesame seeds, and salt and pepper to taste.  If you want it a bit sweeter you can always add more sugar.  Give it a good mix and keep tasting until you get the flavor you like.  For the the sea bass (you can use salmon or cod as well) I put in the broiler with salt and pepper and about 3-4 minutes before the fish is done I added on the glaze all around the fish.  I did a few coats because I wanted it to really soak in the flavor.  I also turned up the temperature a bit on the last minute because I wanted a nice sugary char on top.  The amount of time to cook the fish varies depending on the thickness and size.  My fish was really thick so I cooked it for about 13-15 minutes.

For the mash I roasted a entire cauliflower cut into pieces, two handfuls of baby carrots, and about 5 cloves of garlic.  I covered everything with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  You’ll know when everything is ready when you can pierce it with a toothpick with no problem.  After it was all cooked I took it out of the oven to cool slightly before placing it into the blender.  I added in skim milk and low fat greet yogurt and just blended everything together.  Once again add salt and pepper to taste, and since it’s so thick you’ll have you give it a good jiggle! or add more liquids as needed.  I think I used about 3/4 cup of skim milk and same with yogurt.  If you want it to be more flavorful use half and half instead of skim milk and add in some butter!  Unfortunately butter always does make things better, but I was trying to be healthy so I did not get the rich fattiness in the mash.

Baked alaskan salmon with a goat cheese, cranberries, apple, and walnut salad with a balsamic vinaigrette.



This meal is perfect for the day you don’t have allot of time.  I bought everything at Costco so I even cooked some extra salmon and gave it to the boys (my two gorgeous poms).  The salad I bought pre-packaged at costco as well, so if you want to be healthier don’t use their dressing and just add in some balsamic vinegar instead.  The salmon I seasoned with salt,pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika.  I did not add any oil because I thought their was enough oil coming from the salmon since it is a naturally fatty fish.  I baked it for about 13 minutes (I like it a big rare in the middle) and done!

Yogurt marinated chicken breast



This recipe is good to prepare the night before because it needs to marinate.  I used two chicken breast and about 1 1/2 cups of low fat greek yogurt.  In the yogurt I combined fresh chopped garlic, tarragon, salt, pepper, basil, and juice of one lemon.  Once again before you mix the yogurt with the chicken, give it a good taste and make sure the flavors taste good to you.  Keep in mind to not add too much salt because once it marinates and gets cooked the salty flavors will be more obvious.  Salt is something very easy to add in but once you add too much its more difficult to reduce the saltiness.  I ended up serving the chicken with some left over pasta salad, but you can always serve it with a side salad and some whole wheat pita bread!

And after cooking and cleaning, I like to take a hot hot shower and give myself a mask!

RAWR……. so sexy… =)



and tah-dah!



Absolutely zero makeup here!  I am definitely an obsessor over nice skin!  And although I love my facials and La Mer, great skin starts with a great diet!  I drink tons of water, and tons and tons and tons, and tons of green juices!  I promise you that will make a significant difference in the appearance of your skin.

I’ve also been obsessed with chia seeds lately!  I bought some at trader joes and I’ve been adding it in to allot of my drinks

Last week I blended watermelon juice with frozen strawberries and added in chia seeds for additional protein and the many many health benefits of chia seeds in general.



When I don’t have time I just add them into my favorite pre-bought, no sugar added, non pasteurized beverages.

Like my favorite coconut water.  I promise you this is the only one that I know of that taste like it’s straight from the coconut! Remember to let the chia seeds soak for 10-15 minutes before consuming.



And here is turmeric based juice I bought from a juice bar.  Turmeric is great for when you feel a cold coming through.  I thought I was border line going to get sick so I bought this instead of my regular greens.  You’ll like turmeric if you like ginger, it’s very spicy!



And as a treat to myself I baked some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies.  I’m in search for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world!!!!!!!!  I spent hours online finding a base recipe for me to tweak and also reading peoples comments on what makes a good cookie.  I always felt like my cupcakes were really good but my cookies were very average.  I know it’s a bit odd that someone who is so health conscience also loves to cook and bake so much!  But I am a foodie at heart and really enjoy being in the kitchen.  Like I said, life is about balance.  I can’t be at the gym and eating healthy 24 hrs a day!

Here is my first attempt.  I still think I’m going to tweak some things before I post a final recipe.  But the key changes I’ve made to make such a fluffy and chewy cookie was browning the butter first, refrigerating the dough for at least 2 hours, using room temperature eggs,  using two types of chocolates (valhorna chocolates and nestle), and adding in corn starch.  They were fabulous, but they can still be better for sure!



and now that house and wedding are done!  I’m going to get myself on a weekly blogging schedule!  So please check back soon!

~ helen su

different day different flexibility

Please remember when it comes to your flexibility listen to your body!  Everyday is different and just because you were able to split yesterday doesn’t mean your body will allow for it today.

About a month ago while I was in class I pulled a hamstring muscle because I was so use to pushing my body to a certain point even though it wasn’t ready for it that day.  Now for the past month I have been nursing my left hamstring and it really sucks!  So please remember to be careful every time you work out, and listen to your own body!


The day I did this shoot my body wasn’t allowing me to go into a split.  It just wasn’t ready for it and since I didn’t workout before hand my muscles were not warm enough.  Trust me, I really wanted to for a great photo but I couldn’t and I didn’t because it’s not worth injuring myself.

“eat clean stay lean”

~ helen su


Strong…the new sexy

It’s no longer about being skinny, it’s about being strong!  And with strength comes confidence.  Nothing is more attractive to me then to see a woman who is confident, strong, toned, intelligent, and hard working.  It is extremely hard to be all those things, but anything is possible with hard work and the right mind set.  People who always say they can’t, will never.  People who know they can will always succeed.  Their is nothing in my life that I ever really wanted and was not able to achieve as long as I worked my butt off, and staying fit and healthy is no different.  It’s not easy, but it was/is absolutely worth the sweat, pain, and once in awhile tears. (what can I say? I’m a cry baby! LOL).  Juggling everything life throws at you is overwhelming at times, but it is so important to make yourself and your health a priority.  For me, If I don’t feel good about myself all the work I do elsewhere will result in “not my best”.  And NOT MY BEST is just not good enough.

(photo credits go to Andrew Ho from Blue Dawn Studios) (Just a few of my favs from a week ago, no photoshop and no filters!)

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Stay strong and feel sexy!

~ helen su


Spring Cleaning

Welcome Spring!  Welcome to the days being longer! And welcome Spring Cleaning!

You know that feeling you get when you clean your house? The feeling you get when you just washed your car?  Feels amazing right? I don’t necessary like doing the cleaning, but once it’s done I feel so much better.  Well… it’s the same with your body!!!  Take this opportunity to cleanse your body and start eating right if you haven’t already and for those of you who already have, keep up the good work! Not only is eating right great for your body, but it does wonders for your skin.  My fiance the other day was sitting across from me during lunch and randomly told me how nice my skin has been looking.  And for a man to notice?  You know it has to be a big difference! =)  I definitely use my fair share of beauty products, but nothing beats what you put inside your body.  If you want beautiful skin you gotta eat healthy foods and drink tons of water.

(no makeup)


~ helen su